LEDWallCalcLEDWallCalcEasy to use LEDWall Calculator

What is LEDWallCalc?

LEDWallCalc lets you calculate LED wall configurations the easy way.

The app starts on its growing library menu where you can pick a panel, then introduce in the desired LED wall size and press the calculate button!

You will receive information about the physical sizes of the wall, weight, power consumptions and needed signals.

Generate and export native grids for your configurations or draw the grids into a bigger video canvas for scaling or creative mapping purposes.

Generate PDFs with all specs to share with your crew.

Choose Your Panel

Panel Library

Set The LED Wall Size

LED Wall Size

Calculate Wall Details

Wall Details

Export Grids & Info

Export Grids & Info

Quick lookup

Search on brands, models, pixel pitch and indoor/outdoor to find where you are looking for.

Custom Panels

Can´t you find your panel in the library or did you fabricate your own panels? You are able to add easily new panels to the list and use them directly.


Add the panels you work with more often to your favourites library so you can find them quicker next time.

App Settings

Setting your system voltage, current and outlets headroom LEDWallCalc is able to inform you about the maximum panels you can connect per outlet and tells you as well how many outlets you need.